We are passionate about creating unforgettable memories. For over fifteen years we have planned weddings and family celebrations like birthday parties, anniversary, christenings and other special occasions for hundreds of couples. Turning our client’s dreams into an unforgettable experience is our speciality. We love to plan romantic, sophisticated and stylish weddings on exotic beaches, flourished gardens and luxury ballrooms.


We have honed our skills to offer the most personalised and bespoke service, where our clients can enjoy every step of planning their wedding. For us is very important our clients to have an enjoyable and pleasant planning journey as well as providing them with wonderful wedding experience.

Our high touch yet modernistic approach is to provide a virtual “office” where all the wedding information is stored. The planning process is tailored to each couple to give our clients peace of mind that they are fully in control of their budget and every detail.

We love meeting our clients in person, however, many of them are busy couples who travel a lot and have a little time for meetings face to face. Our made to measure approach is to use all modern online applications like Skype, Zoom and WhatsApp and to be in touch at all time throughout the journey.

The wedding planning process with us is a friendly and happy process, where we offer our couples the best services and options for their budget, and they simply make their choice.


Our mission is to plan your wedding as a “beautiful story” of your love, where every detail is a meaningful piece of a magical experience. Each wedding is a mini production where we tailor to all elements of your personality as a couple, adding sophistication and engaging all the senses. You and your guests will go through a remarkable, enjoyable and “never to forget” experience.

Joyful exclamations like “this is the best day of my life”, “absolutely fantastic wedding”, “you have surpassed all our expectations”, “the most beautiful wedding I have been “ are just a few of the comments we normally hear on our events. Our clients appreciate our dedication and hard work, strict attention to the details, and certainly our honesty, experience and reliable approach.

Whenever you are looking for a wedding, event and stylish planner in London or for a destination wedding, give us a call on +47729888978 or fill the contact form here.

We’d love to hear your love story and cannot wait to work with you and to turn all your dreams into unforgettable memories.