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Dear Mr. and Mrs. to Be,

I will be honoured to help with planning your wedding in my beautiful country, Bulgaria.

Here are the two wedding packages I can offer you.

However, from personal experience, I know that the best way to get to know me is to meet me in person. So, click here and book a virtual meeting with me.

I cannot wait to hear your love story and lovely wedding ideas.

Warm hugs,

Mariella Wilson 


I love to plan unforgettable weddings for our couples and their wedding guests. Since 2004, my team and I have organised and executed over 250 bespoke weddings and events in Bulgaria.

“Fairytale Day” is the only London wedding agency specialising in destination weddings in Bulgaria that provides relaxed and enjoyable, completely made-to-measure service to couples who are looking for a wedding abroad.

Bulgaria is like a little gem in between Italy, Greece, and Turkey, offering gorgeous weather, venues with outstanding views, delicious fusion Mediterranean food, and nothing less than great value for money and wonderful experiences.

Couples choosing our destination wedding planning service want to be offered the best options for wedding venues, wedding services, and entertainment. However, I can help with fantastic options for a holiday as part of your wedding weekend in Bulgaria. I don’t offer wedding packages, as we like to tailor our couples’ experiences with individuality and personalised elements that resonate with you and your wedding ideas.


The wedding planning journey is as important as the wedding day itself. We have honed our skills to offer personalised and bespoke services where our clients can enjoy every step of planning their wedding abroad. In the modern era where almost everything is happening online, we have made our working process easy and convenient.

For the last 10 years, we have transformed our service into an online and virtual personalised wedding planning experience. Our couples meet us regularly from the comfort of their homes and easily keep track of the planning milestones of their wedding in Bulgaria online.

Planning the day of your life has to be a fun, relaxed, and enjoyable time for you both. I’d love to be your wedding planner and craft your unique wedding in Bulgaria. It’s my honour to introduce myself to you, so please visit the “Meet Mariella” page where you will learn more about myself, my boutique wedding agency, and how I can help you with planning your gorgeous destination wedding.


My mission is to plan your wedding in Bulgaria as a “beautiful story” of your love, where every detail is a meaningful piece of a magical experience. Each wedding is a mini-production where we tailor everything to your personality as a couple, adding sophistication and engaging all the senses. You and your guests will go through a remarkable, enjoyable, and “never-to-be-forgotten” experience.

Joyful exclamations like “this is the best day of my life”, “a fantastic wedding”, “you have surpassed all our expectations” and “the most beautiful wedding I have been to“ are just a few of the comments we normally hear about our events. Our clients appreciate our dedication and hard work, attention to the details, honesty, experience, and reliable approach.

You no longer have to search for wedding abroad ideas, how to plan your wedding in Bulgaria, the best wedding venues in Bulgaria, and so on. We are here to help; we can offer you everything, anywhere in Bulgaria.

I’d love to hear your love story and cannot wait to work with you to turn all your dreams into unforgettable memories. Go now to the “Work with me 💖” page to find out what my services include

ceremony overlooking the sea

Have a look at our FAQ to get more insides of the weddings in Bulgaria.


Beautiful Bulgaria has a lot to offer. You can have your wedding by the Black Sea, overlooking the blue sea and the stunning sunset.

There are many rustic-style wedding venues and romantic vineyards across the country.

As well as a luxury resort overlooking the magnificent mountain, wedding venues by a river, marquees in a picturesque garden, or traditional Bulgarina Village.

As soon as you know that your wedding destination will be Bulgaria, you better book your wedding planner, so she can help you choose your venue and the most important wedding vendors and suppliers. As everywhere else, the good venues and the best dates go quite quickly.

The great news is that Bulgaria has an excellently developed wedding industry. You can find wonderful, quality services across the country. This also gives you the opportunity to select the best options for you because many of the services can travel everywhere in the country.

The overall budget for your wedding, though, will depend on your budget, the number of your guests, the location, and all of the services you’d like to have.

The wedding for 20 people (which is the minimum for most of the venues), including food and drinks and basic wedding services like a photographer, simple decoration, DJ, and wedding cake, starts at 8,500 bg leva. In British Pounds, this is approx. £3’900.

As with many other Mediterranean or neighbouring countries like Greece, Turkey, taly,  and Croatia, for example, Bulgaria also has delicious food and signature drinks.

The Bulgarian cousins can be described as a Mediterranean and Turkish fusion. There is a vast choice of salads, poultry, fish, and meat, as well as a lovely selection of seasonal fruits and a splendid choice of drinks. Because of the wonderful climate, Bulgaria has a fantastic selection of wines, grapa, and beers.

There are plenty of choices to entertain your guests on your wedding day, as well as before or after the wedding.

Live music and bands, singers or dancing shows, fireworks, and many more A lot of venues can offer a cooking show, live cooking stations, or BBQ. If you love cocktails, there are great options as well. You can have a signature cocktail for your wedding, a mixology station, or a barman show.

You can offer your guests additional unforgettable moments, such as mini-trips, exploring the country,  traditional food, drinks, and wine tastings, healing spring water spa resorts, and many more.

You can fly to Bulgaria from any airport in London and the biggest UK cities. BA and Bulgaria Air are the national airline companies; however, EasyJet, Wizzair, and Ryanair have frequent flights to Sofia, Varna, Burgas and Plovdiv.

The flight from the United Kingdom to Bulgaria takes approximately three hours.

We can organise transfers for you and your guests from the airport to the venue if it’s required.

We don’t offer ready-made wedding packages as they cannot be personalised; however, we can create for you an individual package covering all your requirements.

With years of experience in destination wedding planning, we built a perfect working system, so our couples from all over the world enjoy a smooth and enjoyable planning process.

Our services include:

  • flexible working hours according to the time difference and availability of our clients.
  • a virtual wedding organiser where we store all the information about the wedding. It also contains valuable Excel spreadsheets, checklists, helpful information, and much more.
  • thorough knowledge of the logistics of the guests, as well as extensive experience in working with different nationalities and cultures.
  • a quick, friendly connection through Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, and emails.

Our wedding agency is one of the first in Bulgaria. In 2004, we opened our first office in Sofia, and until 2009, we had always maintained an elegant showroom. Now, as we are based in London, UK, the presence of a physical office in Bulgaria no longer needs it.

We have developed a great business relationship with some of the best venues and wedding service providers, which is crucial for the high level of our service. We don’t need to have face-to-face meetings with them, as we have been business partners for decades.

Yes, we have a contract covering all aspects of our business relationship. Officially, our service starts as soon as the contract is signed and the deposit payment is made.

All payments for our service have to be transferred to the company bank account. No checks or cash options are available.

The payment has to be made in two instalments: 50% when the contract is signed and the second payment a month before the wedding.

Yes, we will be looking after your interests, and whenever it is necessary, we will translate everything for you.

We love intimate weddings. Many venues have a minimum guest requirement; however, we can still offer options for weddings of around 20–30 people.

I have completed an online course on “Prevent COVID-19,”, so I am completely trained on how to plan saved events and weddings.