What does “destination wedding planner” mean?

A destination wedding planner is an organizer of weddings outside the country which he or she is officially based. For example, Mariella Wilson is a destination wedding planner because she lives in London, but organises weddings in Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, France, Portugal, Cuba and other countries.

Why choose the destination wedding planner instead of a regular local wedding planner?

Our long-standing experience in destination wedding planning helped us to build a perfect style of work with couples from all over the world. Our services include:
• Flexible working hours according to the time difference and availability of our clients.
• A virtual wedding organiser where we store all the information about the wedding. It also contains valuable Excel tables and helpful information that is available to our customers anywhere and anytime.
• Thorough knowledge of the logistics of the guests, as well as extensive experience in working with different nationalities and cultures.
• A quick, friendly connection through Skype, Whatsapp and emails.

What is the price of the service?

The price of your wedding planning package will be determined individually and according to your requirements and preferences. You choose whether to organise only the wedding day, or we will take care of the whole wedding weekend.

Is your service very expensive?

The responsibility that the wedding planner has is a lot more than you may think. We work with you months to achieve the desired romantic and unforgettable experience with the vision and decoration you wish. Each element is carefully prepared to complete perfection. The services we offer you are most likely to be verified and secure. Our mission at your wedding day is you to live your dream wedding. We take care of everything, including the management of all other services.
Just to compare any of the services that you may also use at a wedding (above average standard):
A photographer will spend 10 hours with you on the day of the wedding, and after that, it will take another 10 hours to process the photos in total about 20 hours. The average price of the service-1300 BGL-2 500 BGL.
A videographer will spend 10 hours at the wedding and then video editing for 14-15 hours. About 25 hours in total. The average price of the service-800 BGL.-2600 BGL.
Disc Jockey – for about an hour and a half sounding of a civic ceremony and welcome drinks cocktail for guests + approximately 8 hours DJ service during the reception – will take around 1200 BGL. For additional effects such as lighting, smoke machine and others, you will be charged separately.
Attractive sounded fireworks for 3 to 5 min – 5000 BGL.
Live band or other entertainment for 2-3 hours – 4000-5000 BGL.
• The hours of work that we devote to preparing a wedding are approximately 100-120 hours. On the day of the wedding, a team of at least five people work about 18 hours to decorate the entire wedding and to ensure perfect flow throughout the celebration. The average price of the high-end wedding planner is between 3500-6500 BGL. Depending on the number of guests, the services that will be managed, the location of the event and others.

Since your office is based in London, how do you manage to organise weddings in Bulgaria?

Our agency is one of the first wedding agencies in the country. In 2004 we opened our first office in central Sofia, and until 2009 we have always maintained an elegant showroom. Now as we are based in London, UK, the presence of a physical office in Bulgaria is no needed. We already have a long list of personal, friendly contacts with the best hotels and wedding services throughout Bulgaria which give us the opportunity to be very flexible and highly beneficial in our work. Our service does not require a permanent personal meeting, but excellent professional contacts, which we have in abundance.
Besides, in Sofia we have two assistants who are always ready to meet with clients, take them to a view in hotels or restaurants or book an appointment in the church, as well as to carry out additional services in relation to the wedding day.

We don’t see you offering some services that we’re looking for?

Fairytale day Wedding Agency is a boutique agency. We do not offer a standard package. After the first meeting with Mariella Wilson, an individual package is prepared with all the services you want. This means that there is no restriction for us to provide you with any service, as long as it is available in Bulgaria. But the good news is, being based in another country, we could hire everything you may wish outside of Bulgaria. All you have to do is tell us what you’re dreaming for.

We are not sure that the quality of the service will be at the required high level. What will ensure that we get everything we want?

Undoubtedly, the best guarantee that we could give is our long experience and the dozens of exceptional weddings that we have organised. We approach the organisation and implementation of the wedding as a very expensive, significant production where many and different subcontractors have to be organised and managed on the day of the event.
Mariella Wilson used to work at five-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants in central London. She has an excellent experience on the etiquette of serving food, wines and cocktails. This comes as an exclusive bonus when you need to choose the menu and key drinks for your wedding.

Other signs of the high level of professionalism and quality of our service:
We respond to the e-mails of our customers up to a maximum of 24 hours.
• We are ready to offer a wide range of products and services to meet our customer’s expectations.
• Working only virtually, we have the opportunity to meet our clients at any time convenient for them. A quick Skype meeting or Whatsapp saves a lot of your time and gives you the peace of mind that we are working on your wedding.
• Virtual Organizational folder – After a survey we took recently with our former clients, this part of our service was most highly appreciated by most of them. Almost all newlyweds note that having the opportunity to check how the planning process is going on at any time, it is invaluable both for their busy programme and for their peace of mind that they always have the information about their wedding.

We can organise our wedding by ourselves, why pay for it? The organisation looks like a pretty easy and enjoyable time. In general today everything can be found on the Internet.

Arranging a wedding can be a very entertaining and enjoyable process, but when you work full time, you are pressed by deadlines, requirements of your boss, and/or demanding customers, planning your own wedding actually could be a very stressful journey. Even if you live in Bulgaria, the time you will be able to prepare everything will be equal to 250 to 300 working hours. That’s approximately two and a half months of full-time work. This time will be at a minimum of 10-15% more if you live outside the country.

Other significant risks:
• You may come across services which at first glance very good, but during your wedding day you will be disappointed. There are no wedding insurance in Bulgaria, so if someone does not show up at the wedding or is late or something else happens, you cannot be assured.
• The tranquillity of the wedding day is one of the most essential prerequisites for an unforgettable experience. By organising your own wedding, you must be ready that on the day of the wedding you will have to keep an eye on all the services, what happens in the restaurant and whether the food and drinks are served exactly as you wished, whether the waiters will be at the level, etc. All relatives and guests will address you with questions and with anticipation to tell them when to serve the gifts, what next then and others, which is likely to lead to chaos. This will load you and your tiredness instead of being the centre of attention to shine on this important day.

How does the working process work with Mariella?

• The working process is very simple and rational. After making an enquiry, Mariella Wilson will contact you and make an appointment at Skype. The first meeting is all about getting know each other, what would you like and how you envision your wedding. In about an hour you will be discussing various details and options. After that, you will be developed a package that will meet all the requirements you have shared. If you like your bespoke package, the next step is to sign a contract between you and Mariella Wilson. Then you will move on to the actual organisation of your wedding.
• Your virtual folder and a secret group in your chosen social network should be made.
• An action plan will be developed that adheres to the entire working process.
• Mariella Wilson will be confined to your emails. You will have access to it for quick questions every day in office time.

How is the payment of the service affected?

Under the contract, payment of the service can be made in 2 instalments, the first instalment is paid immediately upon signing the contract and the last one up to 10 days before the event. Deferred payment (3 or 4 contributions) is negotiated only under certain conditions.