Shelly & Matt

Mariella was a miracle worker. It was an amazing planning process from beginning to end, with little to no stress at all! 

We first met Mariella via video chat on New Year’s Day 2023 and planned our entire wedding for August 31st, 2023, covering all aspects super quickly. She incorporated the two cultures—Bulgarian and American so seamlessly. She was professional but personable. 

She had a keen eye for details, even for things we didn’t even know we needed. She was quite organised and was readily available to us for any help or needs. Her team at the wedding was marvellous, catered to us and our guests, and was a delight to add to her service. 

Both we and our guests can’t stop talking about our experience months later! It was everything we could dream of, from the colours and decor to the entertainment! 

She was worth every penny and was priceless. We highly recommend her to all couples planning a destination wedding in Bulgaria! 

Mariella is the pro you need and want, with the contacts and vision to bring dreams to life.

Lily & James

Mariella is very experienced, professional, and dedicated. She and her team were absolutely great on our wedding day. She took care of the running of the day and made sure all ran smoothly, so we were free to celebrate and enjoy everything, and that was amazing.

During the planning process itself, she was available to us whenever we needed her, responsive, and always ready to find a solution. Even if you don’t fully have a vision, Mariella will guide you, help you choose, and advise you. The end result was beautiful and exactly what we wanted, without knowing this was what we wanted from the start.

We had to keep a closer eye on the budget towards the end, and whenever we raised something, Mariella made sure to find different options we were comfortable with, and we never felt pressured to choose what she suggested. She always ran things past us and involved us in the decisions.

Destination weddings are not easy when you live aboard (like us), but Mariella is very experienced and will help with everything, from planning the travel to doing extra trips to the venue to make sure all works out.

Remember that it is a stressful process, no matter what you do, so just accept it and trust the process and the team!

Five stars from us ❤️.

Ida & Alexander

Greetings from Norway!

Mariella is truly amazing! She and her team were with us the whole time in Lozenets, Bulgaria, during our wedding week, and they made sure everything was in order all the way. Mariella is professional, responsive, supportive, and also a kind, warm, and cheerful person. Working with her was a delight! And the wedding was absolutely beautiful, and we could not be more happy!

Big hugs to Mariella and her team!

Five stars from us ❤️.

Val & Mike

My partner, Mike, and I had our wedding in Bulgaria about ~2 weeks ago, and honestly, I’m still walking on clouds and can’t believe what happened. It was, for real, the perfect wedding in every way, and we’re extremely happy! I’m so very grateful that we worked with Mariella to make all of this happen. She is very professional, friendly, understanding, and responsive. Her experience with over 20 years and over 200 weddings cannot be denied, and it shows up in the way she works and communicates. 
We started planning our wedding more than a year ago and were considering other wedding planners, but I received a good recommendation from a friend, and I attended a wedding organised by Mariella, and I could see her in action, how calm the bride was, and how everything was done in a perfect way. 
After we chose Mariella, she wanted to really get to know us, what we like, what hobbies we have, etc. As soon as we decided on a venue, we booked it, but later on we decided to change the venue, and Mariella supported us with this in the best possible way. Mariella was always responding quickly to all the various questions we had. She made a proposal of three design options for the wedding, and she incorporated everything we liked and kept in mind everything we didn’t like. With all the various ideas I had, Mariella was always trying to incorporate them in the best possible way. 
Besides the wedding venue, she found us various options for suppliers like photographers, videographers, DJs, folklore dancers, celebrants, salsa instructors, Paint & Wine (for an activity before the wedding), and so on. She also kept up all the communication with these suppliers. 
On our wedding day itself, Mariella and her team were so professional, and everything was organised to the very last detail. We had such a wonderful day and had so much fun! We had quite a few of our guests say, ‘This is the best wedding I’ve attended.’ 🙂 
We cannot recommend Mariella and her team highly enough, especially if you’re planning a wedding in Bulgaria or around the world. Mariella is your person! 
Thank you, Mariella and team, for making our wedding day truly amazing! We and our guests will have it in our hearts forever! ❤️

Didi & Jacob

Organising a wedding is hard enough, but doing it abroad is a different world. Plus, having a 2-year-old I had no idea how I would ever do this until we met Mariella, and I can honestly say it was the best thing we ever did. I cannot recommend her enough for her friendly, responsive, and highly professional service.

She is just brilliant; nothing was too much for her, and it was never too late for her reply to my million questions! We had the most beautiful day from start to finish; she did everything from venues, getting services booked, decorations, and guest transport—everything you can think of! On the day, I was so unusually calm because she just took care of absolutely everything! We even had issues with some payments after the wedding, and she managed to sort that out considering the wedding was over. Honestly, I cannot fault her in any way. I wish I could do it all over again!

Mariella, thank you for our beautiful day. We will never forget you and always remember you as part of the happiest day of our lives. ❤️