Hey hi 🙋,

I am thrilled to see you here and truly honoured and a pleasure to have this fantastic opportunity to present myself.

My name is Mariela Wilson, and I am the founder of a boutique wedding agency “Fairytale Day”.

My goal is to plan the wedding of your dreams. By drawing every little detail and fulfilling all your desires is my way to turn your dreams into unforgettable memories.

I believe everyone deserves to have their perfect wedding day. When I say “Perfect Wedding Day” I mean a beautiful decoration, a dramatic location for your ceremony, an exceptional atmosphere, superb food and drinks, a flawless and smooth wedding day and every little detail just the way you dreamed of.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I believe I will be the best choice for you.

I didn’t become a wedding planner by accident though. I deeply, madly, truly fell in love in this job when I watched “The Wedding Planner” movie in 2001. That is how I decided to become a weddings “dream maker” and magical party planner.

After a couple of years self-study and taking a couple of wedding planning courses, I started my career as a wedding planner in 2004, and since then I have planned dozens of weddings. After so many years of experience, I know that every detail matters, but the most important thing on the wedding day is you and your peace of mind, knowing that everything is in the right place at the right time. So

The wedding day is a once in the lifetime experience (ideally 🙂. I wish this to all couples around the World 🙂 ). It’s worth it to invest in this day and to celebrate with style and sophisticated grace.

The wedding day should be a great experience, a unique celebration of your love. And although you will share hundreds of magical moments with your family and close friends, that day is your BIG day.

My passion is to create fabulously beautiful celebrations, with impeccable attention to detail and excellent organisation I can make every wedding wish come true.

“Find the job you love, and you will never have to work.”


This is exactly what I feel.

Weddings are my love and my passion. I simply adore them!

I sincerely believe in true love, and that is what inspires me most is the love story that tells every wedding.

It will be honoured to be your wedding planner and to help you to experience the most beautiful and exciting day of your life.

I believe that planning a wedding should not be an exhausting, stressful and difficult process.

That is why my mission is to help you not only to experience an unforgettable wedding day but to have an enjoyable, relaxed and fun planning process.

The best part of working with my clients is that we work as a team. After we discuss everything they want, I do all of the hard work – researching and selecting venues and vendors, collecting samples and so on, and then we discuss together what will be the best for them. It is great to have such a beautiful and friendly relationship.

That is what you can expect too when we start working together. We will establish a beautiful, creative flow which will make your wedding planning experience a lot more than just a planning process.

Let me tell you something – if you decide to plan your wedding without any help, you suddenly one day will realise that this is a massive amount of work, a million decisions to make, tens of people to meet … and if you are busy, a full-time working bride to be, I know this discovery won’t be fun.

However, if you’d love to have a few fantastic wedding planning months, and the peace of mind that someone is there for you all the time to help and inspire you, please call me now on +44 7729888978 or simply fill out the form here and I will contact you as soon as possible.

Some more personal information for me.

Born and raised in the capital city of beautiful Bulgaria, I’m taught to believe in the goodness, to believe in the true love, and the honesty, and in the fact that we all deserve to live the life which makes us feel happy.

I have learned many virtues – to love and respect, to appreciate nature and to help others. I have learned to believe in miracles and to have big dreams.

Wedding Agency “Fairytale Day” is one of my biggest dreams and it took me two years and a half to make it happen. When, however, my sister Nicoleta and I started in 2004, I knew that “Fairytale Day” would be one of the most sought-after wedding agency in Bulgaria.

And this is how everything started for me – with one big dream and a great strong desire to make it happen. Now after so many years I can say that this strong passion with which I realised my dream is still my driving force to make dreams come true to dozens of couples.

Grand Wedding Show

The idea of this wedding exhibition was created by my desire to bring together for one day at one place some of the best companies offering wedding products and services, so every bride to be can meet top vendors and book them on the day. At the same time, all my colleagues have a perfect stage to show their newest and best products.

The Grand Wedding Show gives an incredible opportunity to all couples preparing their wedding to get acquainted with a wonderful selection of wedding products and service providers. All the most necessary for a perfect wedding for just one day under one roof and a real opportunity for one day to organise all your wedding.

Professional history

Mariela Wilson became the first Bulgarian member of the World Association of Wedding Consultants – ABC USA in 2004 and after successfully passing professional training she received a Diploma for Professional Wedding Consultant, becoming the first certified wedding agent in Bulgaria.

Being an expert in organising and styling weddings and family celebrations, Mariela Wilson is a frequently invited to talk about wedding trends, romantic decoration and planning tips in various media.

She has over 100 publications and interviews in magazines, newspapers and electronic publications for her long-time professional practice. She has also hosted several radio shows in Sofia and the country.

Mariela Wilson has given valuable advice and recommendations on wedding and family celebrations in the most watched TV shows on bTV, Channel 1, New TV, TV7, TV2, BBT. Wedding Agency “Fairytale Day” has four filmed weddings in the first TV reality show for Weddings “This is Life – The Wedding” – 2006. Her wedding agency team “visited and stayed ” the house of VIP Brother for 1 hour to decorate fabulously the yard for Hristina and Zdravko’s wedding. Fairytale Day received a special invitation from the Slavi’s Show to assist in the preparation of the wedding ceremony of the “My Big TV Wedding” – Asya and Stanio and to create a unique themed decoration for their wedding on 14 February 2009.