Michelle & Matthew

Bulgarian & American wedding
wedding colour palette

Nestled in the heart of the capital at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Hotel, Shelly and Matt’s wedding was a celebration of sophistication, elegance, and unforgettable moments. Drawing inspiration from the stunning Villa Cimbrone in Ravello, their special day was infused with the charm of Italian elements, creating an enchanting, fairytale ambience. The colour palette of warm white, pale pink, and gold, accentuated with sophisticated navy blue tassels, set a scene of romantic opulence.

From the airy and light ceremony on the rooftop, adorned with luxurious white flowers and baby’s breath, to the cocktail area’s relaxed setting with DJ music, every detail was meticulously planned to ensure a natural and memorable flow. The reception area, designed to astonish, was transformed into a magical space, where twinkling candle decor, crystal chandeliers, and exquisite table settings awaited the guests.

Shelly and Matt described their experience as stress-free and magical, crediting Mariella’s seamless integration of their Bulgarian and American cultures, her meticulous attention to detail, and her professional yet personable approach. Their wedding, hosted in the grandeur of the Hyatt, remains a testament to Mariella’s ability to turn dreams into reality, making their day not just a memory, but a story worth retelling. You may find their reviews here.

Photographer: Neli Prahova | Video film: Victor Popov Film Company 

Lily & James

bulgarian and uk flags

A charming combination of natural materials and Scandinavian simplicity created a cosy and romantic ambience in Lily and James’ wedding décor. A combination of mustard yellow and burnt orange highlights the cotton, dried flowers, and fresh foliage that comprise the design. The Scandi aesthetic, freshness, and visual appeal were all amplified by the use of subdued hue palettes. In contrast to the backdrop of the forest, for the wedding ceremony, we used a triangular arch adorned with cotton flowers, natural grass, and flowers of a vivid orange and mustard hue. Floating water paper lanterns beside the pool, plenty of candles to light the area, and organic cotton napkins in burnt orange are all nods to these themes throughout the celebration. With this lovingly crafted design, we wanted to create an event that Lily and James will never forget.

At the wedding, Mariella and her staff were instrumental in ensuring the happy couple didn’t have to worry about anything. She worked with them, guiding them and accommodating their financial constraints; she was also accessible, quick to respond, and adaptable. She was a master at handling travel and decision-making for destination weddings, which were her strong suits. The value of trusting the process was shown when the couple praised her abilities to create a beautiful wedding that they adored. You may find their reviews here.

Photographer: Georgi Kazakov | Video film: Victor Popov Film Company 

Ida & Alexander

Ida and Alex’s wedding design beautifully marries luxury bohemian glamour with natural elegance. The ceremony and reception feature a harmonious blend of fresh and dry flowers, including large pampas and white and cream blooms. Their colour palette revolves around cream and sage green, with tall, gold-accented centrepieces and varied candle levels adding warmth and sophistication. Bohemian food choices, a unique boat-themed photobooth, and a three-tier wedding cake adorned with fresh and dry flowers complete this bespoke style, making their wedding an unforgettable, stylish celebration.

The Norwegian couple had a wonderful experience with Mariella’s wedding planning in Lozenets, Bulgaria. They appreciated her professionalism and responsiveness, and they were particularly touched by her warm and cheerful demeanor. The wedding, beautifully executed by Mariella and her team, left them extremely satisfied and happy. They expressed heartfelt thanks and gave it a five-star rating, highlighting the unforgettable and beautifully realised wedding. Read it here.

Wedding photographer: Kamen Ehranov | Videographer: Studio Video Clip

Val & Mike

bulgarian and uk flags

The elegance of a romantic beach wedding was the theme of Val and Mike’s wedding. For the wedding ceremony, they had a white floral arch that was slightly asymmetrical, surrounded by lush foliage, white flowers, and a dusty blue accent.  Elegant and charming, the tables were set with dusty blue runners, silver and glass candlesticks, and beautiful white flower arrangements. When the sweetheart table stands out with a dusty blue tablecloth, a lavish flower arrangement of white flowers, candles, and signature sailing knots. The day was made more meaningful and lovely with personalised guest favours, table numbers with names of the cities to which the couple has travelled, and guests’ favours of organic honey with different flavours.

Val and Mike were absolutely thrilled with their wedding, thanks to Mariella’s excellent planning. They really appreciated her professionalism and attention to detail, feeling that her experience made their day just perfect. Val and Mike loved how Mariella incorporated their personal style and preferences into the wedding, making it a truly memorable occasion for them. Check out their glowing testimonials to see more about their special day here!

Wedding photographer: Violeta Pefticheva

Diana & Jacob

bulgarian and uk flags

Wedding photographer: Kamen Ehranov

Karina & Peter

bulgarian and uk flags
wedding style board

Wedding photographer: Neli Prahova

Bailey & George

US and Bulgarina flag

Wedding photographer: Neli Prahova

Stana & Michael

bulgarian and uk flags
wedding design board

Wedding photographer: Dani from Shape Style

Teddy & Michael


Mariella did an exquisite job planning the beachside wedding of Teddy and Michael in Black Sea Rama. Mariana Dimitrova caught the joyous boho chic atmosphere of their wedding day, which included greenery, delicate dusty pink colours, and an abundance of candles and fairy lights. All of these little things captured their romance and sense of style well. Thanks to Mariella’s superb supervision, the couple and their guests enjoyed an event they will never forget.

Photographer Mariana Dimitrova | Video film: ProVideoZ

Featured at Bride Magazine UK.



Valya & Paul’s Wedding 

Valya and Paul envisioned a picturesque South Black Sea shore wedding that blended Bulgarian and British traditions. The lovely setting and breathtaking view of the sea in Sozopol were major factors in their location selection. The venue’s trendy, eccentric decor matched the couple’s own sense of flair and personality.

Because the happy couple wanted their wedding venue to remain a secret, they had all of their guests stay at a hotel in Sozopol’s Old City.

Elegant rustic was the wedding theme, and the centrepieces were “picked flowers from the garden” style.

The groomsmen wore beach suits in sand colours, while five bridesmaids donned delicate gowns in mint green.
Valya and Paul celebrated their wedding in the morning. Guests from all over the world, including New Zealand, Canada, Great Britain, and Bulgaria, were part of this unforgettable fete.

The happy couple chose Kamen Ehranov as their wedding photographer because they wanted a more relaxed, romantic, and reportage-style look.

A quote from the couple:

Since we met you, we knew that you were the one; you are our wedding planner. We liked you so much, so we can’t wait to go home and send you an email saying that we want you to plan our wedding. Thank you for the amazing day. Today is the best day of our lives.” Valya and Paul on the wedding evening.

Juliya & Ilja’s Wedding

Yuliya and Ilja have been together for years and have a lovely boy. They wanted to have an elegant and stylish yet intimate and relaxed wedding with a buffet of delicious Bulgarian salads, a live-cooking BBQ with seafood and meat options, and an open bar with selected fine wine and traditional Bulgarian drinks.

The wedding reception was on the beach; however, the wedding ceremony took place on the terrace overlooking the sea. The bride walked down the aisle with their son; the sophisticated settings, vineyard tunnel, and breathtaking view made this moment unforgettable.

As Yuliya loves flowers, the wedding design was based on lavish flower centrepieces. However, Ilja’s favourite flower is the Bulgarian red rose, which is why the accent for the centrepieces was this beautiful flower. The candles and many fairy lights gave a little touch of a fairytale wedding on the beach. The beautiful and filled love moments were captured by

Photographer Neli Prahova.

A quote from the couple:

“We have no words to express how grateful we are for all you did for us. Our guests love every single detail of our wedding, and we are so happy that everyone is enjoying and having a great time,” said Yuliya and Ilja on their wedding day.

Danielle & Stoyan’s Wedding

Despite their American residency, Danielle and Stoyan dreamed of having their wedding on the shores of the Black Sea. They envisioned a wedding that elegantly combined American and Bulgarian customs, with breathtaking views of Balchik Bay, delectable Bulgarian cuisine, an extensive cocktail menu (including their signature drink), and live music.

The happy couple began their wedding day with a first look in the private vineyard, then had their ceremony with the bride being led down the aisle by fifty Bulgarian bagpipers. An unforgettable and moving part of the wedding ceremony was the haunting melody of the bagpipes.

A photographer, Neli Prahova, was there to capture all those special moments.

A quote from the couple:

“Great party and such a beautiful decoration, Mariella. I was expecting something really good, but you did a fantastic job. It is a lovely wedding. All our guests said they had never been to such a beautiful wedding before. Thank you!” Danielle on their wedding day.

Daniela & Christian’s Wedding

Spring weddings always have this unique feeling of freshness—a happy new beginning. Daniela and Chris’s wedding was one of those weddings you cannot get enough of looking at their colourful pictures. 

The modern venue in central Sofia provided the best option for the couple. They had their garden wedding ceremony and whimsical cocktail party with freshly popped popcorn, fluffy colourful pillows, and a live duo singing modern reproductions of traditional Bulgarian songs. 

The wedding reception style was based on Daniela and Chris’s favourite style, “happy home design.”  We used handmade placemats and napkin rings, colourful flower centrepieces, and a little touch of their sweet love—french macarons—for the guests. These happy memories were saved forever by their photographer Kamen Ehranov.

A quote from the couple:

“Such an incredible wedding, and excellent organisation. There is nothing else we could dream of. Brilliant selections of wedding vendors and the duo singers were wonderful. We are having a great time. Our guests are so much impressed with all the little details” – Daniela and Chris on their wedding day.

Biliana & Florian’s Wedding 

Biliana and Florian celebrated their wedding at the elite venue in Boyana, Sofia.

With an “Electric Blue” colour theme, this high-end wedding was nothing less than a luxurious and spectacular experience for all of the guests. The destination photographer, Neli Prahova, captured the beautiful details and happy moments.

After the wedding, Biliana and Florian wrote the following reference letter for us:

“We would recommend Mariella’s services as a wedding planner if you are looking for a wedding planner who can take care of your wedding from A to Z by offering you a full-fledged wedding day, including all the service providers that go with it.
Mariella can offer a list of preselected service providers with whom she has long working relationships and with whom she teams up, and she can guarantee you a perfect execution and planning of the wedding day according to schedule in a very detailed way. In the early stage of the wedding planning, she is driving the organisation every week thanks to an organisational plan and is following up with the deadlines so that most of the work is done on time and allows the couple to avoid stressful situations.

Mariella is a decision-taker, and therefore, she drives the preparation forward proactively.

We would especially recommend the following service providers that are the highest professionals, and Mariella recommended us: First, the most tasteful flower and decoration service provider who has a deep feeling for aesthetics and finesse and ensures a decoration that corresponds entirely to the style of your wedding and the couple.

Second, the very professional video service provider whose material is most modern will exceed your expectations with the result of your video movie.

Finally, the cake maker who has a passion and motivation to make the most unforgettable and tasty wedding cake”

Biliana & Florian

Mariella & Carl’s Wedding

Mariella and Carl’s wedding on Cuba’s Varadero Beach was a romantic and intimate affair. As the sun set, their heartfelt vows were accompanied by the sweet melodies of a violin and sax duo playing “From This Moment.” The relaxed ambience was enhanced with a delicious seafood buffet featuring their favourite lobster and an open seating arrangement. Guests enjoyed cooling Mojitos and Cuba Libres, adding to the festive spirit with lively salsa dancing. The décor, with its tropical palm leaves and soft sky blue and blush colours, perfectly captured the couple’s dream of a beach wedding.

All precious, romantic and joyful moments were captured by Kamen Ehranov.

Engagement photo session: Neli Prahova

Featured in Wedding Magazine BG

A quote from the guests:

“This is the best destination wedding we have ever been” – was the most commentary from their guests.

Silvia & Jonathon’s Wedding 

The beautiful love story of Silvia and Jon began as a destination relationship, which is why their wedding theme was based on that. They wanted an intimate, laid-back, and more like a family party-style wedding, so the venue we proposed was the perfect match. A small yet elegant boutique hotel in central Sofia was the place where the couple welcomed guests from the US and Bulgaria to celebrate their wedding. 

The couple chose hot orange and passion red as a theme, as those colours mostly reflect their personalities and warm relationships. Neli Prahova captured this relaxed and enjoyable celebration of love

A quote from the couple:

“Such a great job, Mariella; everything is so beautiful. We will never forget this day,” said Silvia and Jon on their wedding day.

Nadiya & George’s Wedding

Nadiya and George’s wedding was a lovely, fun party where all the guests celebrated their wedding day at the Finesse Boutique Hotel in Sofia. The early spring weather with a few clouds and soft rain didn’t bother the happy couple, as they had a lovely rainbow umbrella.

A quote from the couple:

Wonderful party, a lot of dancing, and unforgettable moments for the couple, who said after the wedding, “This was the most fantastic experience. We love every single moment of this day. It was incredible. Mariella and your team are fantastic. They looked after us, and we had an amazing time. Thank you so much for everything,” said Nadiya and George after their wedding.

Tzvetie & Ogy’s Wedding

Tzvetie and Ogy’s dream wedding was a romantic fete with a theme of soft pink colours and aromatic peonies. The elegant wedding was held at the luxurious hotel in central Sofia.

A touching wedding ceremony in the sophisticated halls of the hotel watered the eyes of the guests. The wedding dinner party continued at the Royal Ball Room of the hotel, where a brass band entertained the guests during their dinner, and the evening continued with a lot of dancing and an enjoyable celebration. 

The wedding style was inspired by the peony flower, as this gorgeous flower has the meaning of honouring the family, wealth, riches, and romantic love.

A quote from the couple:

“There is no way we can say how amazing everything is. Such an incredible transition of the hotel room into this romantic and stylish yet enjoyable”party”—Tzvetie and Ogy during their wedding.

Margarita & Vladimir’s Wedding

The meaning of the lavender colour is femininity, refinement, grace, and elegance. The fragrance of lavender is relaxing and calming to the senses. Maggie and Vlady had a charming French Provence-style wedding at a cosy and romantic hotel in Sofia. 
Based on this theme, the style of this wedding was an abundance of lavender, a lot of candles, sweet French macarons, homemade lemonade, and a homemade-style wedding cake.

The lovely rustic photo booth was great entertainment for all guests. This gorgeous wedding, all of the beautiful details, and the pictures in the bespoke Provance Photo Booth were taken by Vladimir Kocev.

A quote from the couple:

“We wanted a wedding more like a party, with great food and many little things that would make our guests feel special. We have all this, and the atmosphere is fantastic. Everything is wonderful,” said Maggie and Vlady on their wedding day.