Bulgaria is a beautiful country located next to Greece, Turkey, Serbia, and Macedonia. For years, people have known Bulgaria to be a wonderful place for a summer holiday on the Black Sea Riviera or a winter destination for skiing and snowboarding. However, Bulgaria is a wonderful destination for weddings too. All those beautiful locations are fantastic places for romantic, stylish, intimate, or lavish weddings.

There are many reasons I’d suggest my country for your wedding, but here are seven that I think are the best:


Menu platter

From traditional Bulgarian dishes to exquisite culinary specialties, in Bulgaria, there is everything a connoisseur of fine cuisine could wish for. Since the menu is one of the most important elements of a wedding breakfast (English tradition) or wedding dinner, I’ll hasten to tell you that many of the renowned hotels and restaurants have great selections to choose from.

Couples can customise their menus and select dishes that complement their style, taste, and dietary requirements. Best of all, most hotels offer menu tastings. This could be an option as part of a wedding package or a paid option. However, the most important thing is that you will know how everything will taste and look before your wedding.

As a connoisseur of homemade food and natural and organic products, I love the fact that some of the venues I work with have their own farms and gardens. So, they grow organic vegetables, eggs, and milk or buy them from organic farms. They use these yummy ingredients—fresh herbs and spices—for their wedding menu courses. This means that you and your guests will experience the taste of real Bulgarian flavours.

I do not need to advertise the taste of homemade pie, homemade yoghurt and cheese, jam from wild strawberries, pure Bulgarian honey, Bulgarian mix grill, lamb cutlets, and so on.

With a little imagination, these traditional Bulgarian delicacies can be elegantly presented on a wedding menu, as bites with the welcome cocktails, as appetisers, or as part of a sweets buffet.



The tradition of wine production in Bulgaria is older than the country itself. Historical data shows that the first wine culture originated in Thrace. Believe it or not, the Thracians were the first creators of the methods of wine production. As you may guess, they used to live on the land, which is now Bulgaria.

The countless artefacts and archaeological finds throughout Bulgaria, in the form of amphorae, rhytons, and jars for wine storage, are eloquent proof that in our land, winemaking has serious traditions. Our greatest pride and undoubtedly of the greatest interest is the Panagyurishte Gold Treasure, consisting of nine wine-drinking vessels made of pure gold.

Today, in Bulgaria, there are dozens of wineries offering exquisite white, red, and rose wines. Many Bulgarian wineries win world-class medals and awards every year. So if you are anything like me, a massive wine appreciator, you should know that in Bulgaria there is plenty of delicious wine.

Rakia (also known as Bulgarian brandy) is another Bulgarian drink that is always present at weddings. Rakia can be made from any type of fruit. Many people make their own homemade rakia. Some aged homemade rakia can compete with some of the best whiskies in the world. Now, bear in mind that this is a strong drink, so you should have it with food. Bulgarians usually have rakia as an aperitif with a salad.
You can offer Rakia as one of the beverages or as a cocktail ingredient if you’d like to serve cocktails as well. There are lovely flavours such as fig or raspberry rakia, which can be a star or a nice cocktail.


sea view wedding ceremony setup Black Sea Rama wedding

The weather in Bulgaria is favourable for spring-summer weddings. My favourite month is May, but June and September are just as adorable. The days are not hot, and the evenings are warm and pleasant for an outdoor party. July and August are also gorgeous, but there is a small risk of it getting a bit hot. If you’d like to get married in one of these two months, it may be a good idea to consider later hours, for example, after 18:30 for the ceremony and a late dinner after 20:00.

However, as a specialist in weddings, I would say that all months in Bulgaria have their own charm and allure. Autumn, with its colourful trees from yellow to dark red, just imagine your wedding photo shoot in a park among beautifully variegated trees.
Even though the majority of couples rarely choose the winter months for their weddings, I have to say that December, January, and February are wonderful for winter wonderland weddings.


Bulgarian bagpipes walking bride to the altar

We are proud of our history, folklore, and traditional costumes. Bulgarian wedding customs always impress foreign guests. There are different wedding traditions and customs in each region of the country.

Wherever you organise your wedding, the elegant presence of the local Bulgarian traditions and customs will convey originality and a special experience for your guests from abroad. Dancing on fire, a Bulgarian folk ensemble or bagpipes leading the bride to the altar, vocal performances of traditional Bulgarian wedding songs, and so on.


Rila monastery Bulgaria

If history or nature are fascinating to you, then you should visit Bulgaria. Some of the natural and historical landmarks are unsurpassed in beauty and magnificence! From ancient Roman archaeological excavations to Thracian treasures, the history of Bulgaria is rich and interesting. From churches, monasteries, and healing hot mineral springs to picturesque and breathtaking natural landmarks,

If you decide to turn your wedding day into a wedding weekend and offer your guests a little more Bulgarian experience, you should know that wherever you choose to hold your wedding, there will always be something remarkable and interesting around you.


live band on wedding in Bulgaria

For fans of live music and dance shows, I have great news. There is a fantastic choice of high-quality music performers, bands, and dance shows. You can choose from Bulgarian pop and modern jazz music to Latin bands or modern rock. The variety is enough to get what you are looking for. There is a good range of genres and styles. This includes various musical instruments for your wedding ceremonies: harp, violin, modern Spanish guitar, saxophone, string quartet, and many more. There is everything you could dream of, and above all, there is any type of entertainment to suit your style and personality.


Bulgarians are nice, friendly people. I love the fact that the venues and wedding suppliers I work with are wonderful professionals, always ready to help and provide the best service possible. I used to work in five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants in Dubai, Sofia, and London. That is why my expectation of excellent service starts at a very high level. It is wonderful that I’ve found venues to partner with that offer excellent service, including serving with white gloves (if required) for my lovely couples. If a high standard of service is important to you, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, this level is not found everywhere, but if you use a high-end wedding planner to help you organise your wedding, you will certainly be offered a good number of options.


Bulgaria has always been a beautiful country, but until a few years ago, its beauty was not seen as something special for weddings. Fortunately, more and more couples began to rediscover the Bulgarian traditions, customs, delicious food and drinks, and landmarks that can offer interesting and original wedding opportunities for them and their guests from the country and abroad.

What do you think about this topic? What are your favourite Bulgarian locations or foods?

Happy planning, 

Mariella xx